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Universal Cryo Gas, LLC
On-site Industrial Gases Producer / Supplier

A UCG onsite nitrogen gas plant supplying a large specialty chemicals producer.

Universal Cryo Gas, LLC (UCG), the on-site gas supply affiliate of UIG, produces and supplies nitrogen and/ or oxygen to users of industrial gases in a utility-like manner.

Required products are produced at the user's plant site in UCG owned and operated facilities, in a cost effective and energy-efficient manner, and  delivered directly to the user's distribution system.

Universal Cryo Gas: on-site producer / supplier of nitrogen, oxygen and argon

UCG Supplies On-site Produced Nitrogen and/ or Oxygen and Argon

Universal Cryo Gas is a producer / supplier of nitrogen gas and/ or oxygen gas from UCG-owned and operated plants located at customer sites. 

UCG on-site gas plants / gas generation units deliver product directly from the UCG production site to the user's in-plant distribution system. UCG customers save money, compared to the alternative of vaporizing expensive and volatile-priced bulk liquid products as their sole means of meeting their needs for gaseous nitrogen and/ or oxygen. Contract terms are customized to meet the immediate and longer term needs of users.   

On-site produced gases are not only less expensive, but also "greener" than using vaporized liquid nitrogen or oxygen as the source of gaseous oxygen or nitrogen.  On site production is more "green" for the same reasons that on site production is so cost effective: it requires significantly less energy to produce and distribute nitrogen and oxygen as pipelined gaseous products than it does to produce the same amount of product as liquid nitrogen or oxygen and then deliver the liquid over-the-road to the end-user site. 

On-site Produced Nitrogen and/ or Oxygen - The Best Choice for Many Users

Most users of nitrogen or oxygen use these products in gaseous form.  Only a few users, such as food freezers and tire recyclers, take advantage of the refrigeration which is contained in liquid products. 

The primary reason for producing and distributing nitrogen and oxygen as liquid products is that, once in liquid form, they can be easily transported to user sites from regional bulk liquid production sites. 

While bulk liquid delivery of products is convenient, it is also expensive; and it is wasteful of energy.  In most cases, ambient air vaporizers are used to covert purchased bulk liquids products to gaseous form, and then warm the gas to near-ambient temperature. 

On-site production of nitrogen or oxygen, as gas, for use in gaseous form, not only consumes less energy than producing user requirements as cryogenic bulk liquid product, it also avoids the significant expenses associated with transportation of the liquid product from the production site to the use site. 

Bulk liquid product transportation costs include obvious items (diesel fuel, driver pay, and the costs associated with purchasing, operating and maintaining a fleet of delivery vehicles). But that is not all.  They also include product transfer losses which accompany trailer loading and unloading operations. 

For companies planning grassroots facilities, UCG will review anticipated usage volumes and use patterns to define the lowest cost onsite gas supply solution. 

Current users of nitrogen or oxygen which use vaporized bulk liquid products as their sole source of nitrogen or oxygen, and which consume more than a trailer load of product per day, should consider switching to UCG onsite gas production and supply services. 

Typical savings for customers which make this switch are  20% to 40%; which equates to hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. 

UCG will offer a supply solution which couples a right-sized onsite production system with attractive pricing and much more customer-friendly commercial terms than are available from alternative onsite gas producer/ suppliers. To avoid being locked in to renewal with their current supplier, on-site customers must pro-actively investigate alternatives well in advance of the end of their current supply period. 

UCG Delivers Savings and Customer-focused Service

Universal Cryo Gas customers purchase their nitrogen gas and oxygen gas requirements through cost-effective, long-term, utility-like supply agreements. 

UCG customers not only enjoy immediate cost savings versus alternative liquid or gas supply arrangements, but their savings will increase over time. 

  • The 20% to 40% savings which users of vaporized bulk liquid products typically realize are just the beginning.  Cost savings will increase over time because bulk liquid products require more than twice as much electric power to produce, and the delivered price for bulk liquids include diesel fuel and other costs.

  • Users which are already purchasing on-site-produced gases may benefit from switching to UCG; in particular when their product usage has changed significantly during their supply contract. 

Ideally, users should contact UCG more than two years in advance of the end of their current supply period to allow time to review their situation and to generate a site-specific offering reflecting current and anticipated user needs. Users must be proactive or they may discover that they have become "locked-in" to their current supplier through failure to comply with pre-termination notification clauses and other terms and conditions which their supplier inserted into their supply agreement for the express purpose of making last minute comparison shopping, and change of supplier, close to impossible. 

The initial supply period for on-site nitrogen and oxygen supply contracts is typically 7 to 15 years. Longer supply periods result in reduced product cost. Both the production system which is installed by UIG / UCG and the on-site gas supply contract terms will be tailored to reflect site-specific factors, including current demand levels and patterns and changes which customers anticipate may occur during the agreed upon supply period.

UCG - A Change for the Better

Over the recent past, many industrial gas users have seen long-established, previously-satisfactory, supply relationships change for the worse. 

  • As a result of a series of mergers, acquisitions and restructurings, a small number of industrial gas companies now produce more than 95% of the oxygen, nitrogen, argon and hydrogen consumed in the United States. 

  • The impact on local market competition in many areas of the United States has been severe. It is not uncommon for industrial gas users to find that only two major industrial gas companies are currently supplying customers in their area; whereas, just a few years ago, three or four suppliers were interested in competing for their business. 

  • Bulk liquid customers, in particular, have grown tired of repeated base price increases and "temporary" transportation and power cost surcharges which seem to never go away. 

  • Many customers have experienced a frustrating degradation in support services as the larger industrial gas supply companies have reduced overall staffing levels; cut back on home office and regional engineering, construction and field service personnel; and reallocated resources which previously supported their traditional customers to support markets which top management have considered to be more "strategic" than bulk liquid production and distribution and on-site gas production sites serving middle market users.

Universal Cryo Gas (UCG) offers an alternative to North American users of nitrogen or oxygen gas, which would like to make a change for the better in their supply arrangements.

UCG Provides Clients with Value and Responsive Service
UCG wants to earn your business and keep your business - by providing responsive, customer-friendly service, and by offering its user-clients optimized production systems and commercial arrangements to cost-effectively and reliably meet their current and future needs. 

We will be pleased to review your requirements and preferences; and work with you to define the best solution for your specific situation. 

We will provide you with the best pricing and contract terms, including performance guarantees; and an ongoing relationship that fully meets your needs and expectations. 

If you currently purchase onsite-produced gas or liquefied industrial gas products, and wish to investigate producer/ supplier alternatives, you should begin to seriously examine potential options well in advance of the end of your current supply period. 

Please visit our page of Tips on Understanding and Managing the Process of Changing Your Industrial Gas Supplier for additional information on issues and opportunities associated with renewal of or replacement of currently active supply arrangements. 

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