Universal Cryo Gas -  On-site Gas Supplier Air: Source of the industrial gas products Nitrogen, Oxygen and Argon.

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Universal Cryo Gas, LLC was formed in 2005 as an affiliate of Universal Industrial Gases, Inc. Its mission is to complement the traditional products and services offered by UIG by owning and operating industrial gas plants used to produce and deliver nitrogen, oxygen and argon to customers under long-term product supply agreements. 

To simultaneously indicate that the two companies are separate entities, but closely related, web pages which focus on Universal Cryo Gas have been grouped into a directory within www.uigi.com which is named www.uigi.com/ucg

For ease of reference, this directory has been assigned the subdomain designation ucg.uigi.com

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http://ucg.uigi.com http://www.uigi.com/ucg/
http://ucg.uigi.com/index.html http://www.uigi.com/ucg/index.html
http://ucg.uigi.com/ucg_about.html http://www.uigi.com/ucg/ucg_about.html
http://ucg.uigi.com/ucg_q_and_a.html http://www.uigi.com/ucg/ucg_q_and_a.html
http://ucg.uigi.com/UCG_changing_supplier.html http://www.uigi.com/ucg/UCG_changing_supplier.html
http://ucg.uigi.com/UCG_tips_re_change.html http://www.uigi.com/ucg/UCG_tips_re_change.html
http://ucg.uigi.com/ucg_pagelist.html http://www.uigi.com/ucg/ucg_pagelist.html

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